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Mother Accuses Police Of ‘Cover-Up’ In Abuse Of Her 3-Yr Old Girl

A Tarkwa-based woman has accused the police of protecting an Indian national alleged to have sexually abused her 3-year-old daughter.

According to the mother, Afiba, the Police negotiated a fine instead of pursuing a jail term for the suspect, who bruised her daughter’s vagina by inserting his finger into her private part under the guise of teaching her how to swim.

The two Indian nationals were swimming in the pool where she had also come to swim.

She said the Indians requested to teach the children how to swim, adding that although she initially hesitated, she agreed after the strangers convinced her that learning to swim early was the best way.

While the Indians supposedly taught her daughter how to swim, she filmed the process with her smartphone.

She recalled that in between the session, she noticed her daughter was crying, but she misinterpreted it as a reaction to the fear of being in the pool.

Unawares to her, the Indian, was sexually abusing her, and the cries, were cries for help.

One of the Indians held the little girl closely to his chest with his right hand while inserting a left finger into her vagina.

The doctor who conducted medical examinations on the 3-year-old girl said her genitals were bruised.

“She had sores around her genitals, around the vagina and the hymen had sores around it,” the doctor said.

Of the psychological state of the girl and Afiba, he said they were traumatized.

According to Afiba, she returned to the Tarkwa Police after an initial report to them with the medical report.

She said she also hired a private detective to help track down the Indian molester who she had captured in a video on her phone.

Her attempts to get the Tarkwa Police to follow up on the issue proved futile, forcing her to fall on the Nsuta Police to effect his arrest.

Her confidence in the police began to shrink after their suspicious conduct with the bosses of the Indian suspect.

Out of court settlement’

According to Afiba, who spoke to Citi News’ Caleb Kudah, in the course of pursuing the matter, the Indian suspect sought an out of court settlement but soon changed his mind, saying he was ready to face the court.

“Later they came to see me that we should sort things out which I was very reluctant to do. They were giving me pressure but I wanted justice to be served. They pleaded several times but last week Friday, the guy called me that now he doesn’t want us to discuss anything and that he wants us to take it to court and I said okay, and that is even what I wanted and I’m not interested in compensation,” Afiba said.

‘Don’t jail him’

To further hurt her heart, Afiba lamented how the police prosecutor impressed on the judge that presided over the matter in court to fine the suspect rather than jail him.

She said she was forced to bitterly watch the police negotiate the compensation from an initial GHS8,400 suggested by the judge, to GHS4,200.

“On Monday, on our way to the court, the Police turned and started blaming me, questioning me that why should I even take my daughter to the poolside… They said because it was a case relating to a child, we had to do it in the judges’ chamber so I agreed. In the Chamber, in less than 10 minutes, I don’t know whether the judge was pre-informed, but the judge after watching the video, then asked the suspect if he agrees he did it and he said yes, he was guilty so initially he [the judge] said he will sentence him and that they should bring the sentence book. The  Police pleaded on his behalf that they should make him pay. Then the judge said they will compensate me with GH¢8,400 then the police told the judge it was too much and that they should bring it down. I kept quiet, they did not even ask me a word. Then the judge said let’s make it GH¢ 4,200. He said, let him pay 100 penalty units which is GH¢1,200 to the government and compensate me with GH¢ 4,200. I went back and told the judge that I will not take the compensation and I will pursue my case and take it to a higher place,” she narrated.

Seeking justice’

Afiba is seeking justice for her 3-year-old daughter whose genitals have been bruised by the Indian national.

She feels the police betrayed her and will therefore take the matter up to a higher court.

Source: Citifmonline

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