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Mrs Amissah-Arthur spits fire at her late husband’s funeral service


Politics has been a ‘dirty’ game in our part of the world, it has become a duty where as one involves himself or herself, all manner of level of accusations are opposed against individuals just to tarnish their hard earned reputations.

This has become a very great surprise to  the Wife of the late Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, which pushed her to  blast the Ghanaian politicos for all the “lies” and “malignment” dished out to the late former Vice President during his service to Ghana.

While, doing so Matilda Amissah-Arthur used the opportunity to spit fire on the political opponents of the late Veep.

According to her, she is of high time surprise of the high level of warm wishes poured  after the  demise of her late husband and as well to the bereaved family.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have come to show us love, and I ask myself ‘is this Ghana? Are all this people in Ghana?’

“Because the maligning, the lies, the treachery, the wickedness, the deliberately changing things so that we could look better than others [and] the mischievousness… Is this Ghana,” she questioned.

She believes the various politicians all over with good wishes to her family after the sudden death should have poured their good words to the husband whiles alive.


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