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Mrs. Phyllis Boateng – The woman changing lives with her entrepreneurship skills


Although Africa doesn’t offer many prosperity opportunities like western countries, there are still people who have defied the odds and built business empires that operate and see to the needed satisfaction of many around the continent.

Such people are normally left on the hook of secrecy, with no media spotlight or adhesion on them for the world and many others to be motivated to practice same foot of sequence.

The New Publisher today puts the spotlight on one amazing woman, who has over the years, from all odds, break boundaries to send a beautiful message of hope and better future assurance to all individuals in the world concerning entrepreneurship skills, charity works, among others.

Shipping Business

The mother of one, a professional nurse has attained greater heights as a business woman over the period.

Her love for business developed since childhood and has since shaped from success to success.

Her shipping of goods from outside the country has been a continuous adventure. Mrs. Phyllis ships high amount of goods from China to Ghana.

The goods have been of employment gateway for many youths who were finding their feet for greater heights over the years.

The latest addition has been for Mrs. Phyllis Boateng venturing into equipment’s, gadgets among others for event planning.

She has spearheaded a lot of important ceremonies, high profiled events, and many more in the countries over such period of time – gaining all the momentum, and praises from the cooperate world.

Her coordination in event planning is one that has received a lot of positive reviews from highly respectable persons in the country.

Beads Making Achievements

Mrs. Phyllis Boateng achievement in the bead-making she learnt in 2017 in Kumasi has been an amazing experience and something she describes as phenomenon.

She has trained a lot of young men and women in bead-making to equip them with the necessary skills to improve their livelihoods.

The selected persons over the period have included Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), market women and some women groups with the aim of helping the beneficiaries through how to make slippers with beads and as well empower women, men, the youth, with the skills to become entrepreneurs.

She noted in an interaction with the paper that, she saw it necessary to provide hands on training for the participants especially to improve their economic wellbeing so as to prevent them from being dependent on others.

She indicated that, the skills acquisition of beads making had become relevant for national development and expressed the commitment for government involvement in skills training to reduce poverty rates and improve skills development.

She expressed regret that skills acquisition, a viable economic activity, had been relegated to the background, adding that lack of vocational training and practical application of knowledge had crippled the progress of the nation, hence a call on the citizenry to embrace skills training.

Charity Works

Mrs. Phyllis Boateng over the period through her Inspire Africa Foundation has engaged in several donation activities to orphanage homes, the needy in society and many more.

The Foundation was established 6 years ago with the aim of identifying the deprived, orphans, street children, widows, prisoners, and the aged to provide for their basic needs.

The Foundation’s first donation was in 2015 when Mrs. Phyllis Boateng was in the university. Since then, it has been history after history – several donations, series of uncountable smiles on the faces of the deprived and many more.

Advice To Youth

Mrs. Phyllis Boateng in an interaction with The New Publisher sent a word of caution to all youths not to give up in pushing for the ultimate, no matter how hard the process or the starting journey looks like.

“I see a lot of youth trying so hard to bring up something up. I see the creativity and innovations. My advice to them is that, they shouldn’t stop the hustle because it will pay off soon. The road of a business person isn’t a rosy one always. Keep pushing you will get there pretty soon” she said.

Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to her husband, she added, “My sincere gratitude is to God for bringing me this far. I want to say very big thanks to my supportive husband for always being there and helping me out for this dream to be a reality. To my solid team who has my back always, thanks for all you do for JEOLIS IS GREAT. Thank you to my amazing mom for always supporting my dream. To Meru, words alone cannot be able to appreciate all you keep doing.  To my awesome friends and customer because of you all I’m doing great. Keep supporting me”.

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