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Municipal Director advocates for school security: Kpone Community Day SHS project seeks funding for walled environment

In a bid to enhance the safety and learning environment for students, Mr. Harry Evans Arthur, the Municipal Director of Education for Kpone Katamansu, spearheaded a fundraising durbar in collaboration with the Kpone Local Council of Churches.

The primary objective of the event was to raise three hundred thousand Ghana cedis (300, 000) in support of walling projects for schools within the municipality, with a particular focus on the Kpone Community Day Senior High School.

Addressing the gathering as the main guest speaker, Mr. Arthur emphasized the paramount importance of education and underscored the role of a secure environment in fostering effective teaching and learning.

He expressed gratitude to key stakeholders and the parent association of Kpone Community Day SHS for their unwavering support towards realizing his vision of securing all schools within the municipality.

Mr. Arthur highlighted that the initiative to wall schools not only aims at creating conducive teaching and learning spaces but also serves as a protective measure against potential threats such as robberies and unauthorized intruders. He stressed that a secure school environment is essential for the holistic development of students.

Acknowledging the significance of communal efforts, Mr. Arthur thanked the organizers of the fundraising program and called upon the community at large to actively participate in contributing to the three million cedis target. He urged everyone to unite in achieving the common goal of ensuring the safety and security of Kpone Community Day Senior High School.

The fundraising initiative represents a collective stride towards realizing the holistic goal of walling schools within the Kpone Katamansu municipality, reflecting a commitment to safeguarding the future of the students and promoting a conducive educational atmosphere.

The success of this endeavor will not only benefit the immediate school community but will set a precedent for enhancing educational facilities across the Greater Accra Region.




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