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Music leads Rider to death

THE BODY of a tricycle rider has been dismembered in a gory road crash. The rider, name unknown, was ran over by a huge track in a disbursing manner.
The gory crash according to sources, occurred at Adum, the business center of Kumasi. The gory accident happened around 1am on Thursday when the road was empty.
The rider was said to be listening to music with a head set as he rode the tricycle. Upon reaching a junction at Unicorn house area, the tricycle just joined the main road.
The truck driver saw the mistake of the rider so he blew the horn to warn him to stop. But because the rider was listening to music with a head set, he could not hear the horn.
The rider just joined main road and the tricycle collided with the huge truck. The crash was massive which saw the truck ran over him.

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