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Musician Royal Tasha talks Music, Career and Life


Ghanaian musician Royal Tasha started her musical career at a very tender age due to her love for music. She later moved to settle at a comfortable place to assertain her concentrate more on her music career since Accra is thought to be where a musician can easily make a break-through.

Royal Tasha real name Natacha Ackah Blay-Miezah joined the music industry in 2011 and had an unfortunate accident which ruled her out from the music game. Her popularity and good lyrics made up her brand grew to the highest level as a musician .

Dr. John Ackah Blay-Miezah is no more – but his legacy still lives on through his daughter known in private life as Natacha Ackah Blay-Miezah and in showbiz as Royal Tasha blowing the horns as deserved.

In an exclusive interview with, she revealed that, she is back with a new hit ‘Gbeko’ (which means One Day).

She explained that “Gbeko music means that lack of money is lack of friends. If you have at your disposal everyone claims to be related to you, when the ‘doe’ is gone you’ll see the true colours of everyone.”

“Not even those who still laugh with you show that they laugh from their heart. Life is not how we see it to be in riches but it means a lot.” She added

In an era where music business has not been that lucrative and difficult for musicians to remain consistent,  Royal Tasha believes her new joint in town will maintain that uniformity which will enable her come out with her next song with more power than ever. The impact of her songs on the market can’t be ruin out. She has stood the test out from the crowd because of her silky voice and singing prowess.

The history of Ghanaian music cannot be written without making reference to somebody like Royal Tasha . She has contributed much to this genre that is putting food on the tables of several young people today

As part of her dreams, she looked forward to a day when she would be superannuated as a musician and become a music producer. This, according to her, would enable her help young talented underground musicians.

Music lovers can now download Ackah Blay-Miezah’s daughter Gbeko from Ghanandwom, Google and other music portals of Royal Tasha Gbeko to have a feel of it.

Ackah Blay-Miezah’s daughter wants to leave a mark and legacy and has promised to release five hot singles and a video.

Enjoy this new inspiring single from Royal Tasha. She calls this ‘Gbeko’ produced by Kin Dee.

Royal Tasha – Gbeko  (DOWNLOAD)

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