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My Critics Are Big Fools – Bishop Obinim Roars


POPULAR CHRISTIAN leader, Bishop Daniel Obinim, with over 100,000 followers across Ghana has justified his directive to his female congregants to bring their worn panties and braziers and the men their boxer shorts and singlets for a spiritual ritual in his church, just to prove to his critics, he is not perturbed by their criticisms.

“Fools! If the basis of your criticism is that it is not stipulated in the Bible, why are you using a mobile phone? Is mobile phone in the Bible… Fools, you won’t humble yourself so Jesus Christ blesses you. Before you question if what I do is in the Bible, ask yourself if the things you are using today are in the Bible

“If we want to always do things that are only written in the Bible, then Jesus walked all the time, so stop using your car and walk always as well. Fool!” Bishop Obinim noted in response to the several insults and condemnation he received from the public over his panties-burning drama.

An angry sounding Obinim said the directive came from God and mere mortals that lack understanding of the spiritual exercise have no locus condemning him.

Bishop Obinim said the criticisms have annoyed him to an extent he would repeat the directive so he grabs and burns more panties in his church.

Obinim Crawls Around Panties

A jaw-dropping video of the controversial Christian leader crawling around a heap of panties, braziers and boxer shorts has gone viral on social media, sparking an uproar.

In the video, which lasted for some few minutes, Bishop Obinim, a self-acclaimed ‘Angel’, was seen murmuring some words as if he was praying quietly.

The video, which is spreading fast like a wild fire in the social media, has raised eyebrows among Christians and other believers in the country.

Some of them said Bishop Obinim’s latest action is strange to them as it has never been seen in the Christian fraternity anywhere in the world.

Order From God

The Bishop recently gave his congregation an instruction which he said was from God: “Listen to this vision God has shown to me to tell you. If you are a female and you are coming to church, come along with that thing wear in your underparts. Bring two; one old and used brazier and one old and used pantie. Bring old ones, not new ones. Listen to the vision very well. This is what God told me to tell you. Ladies should bring me one old pantie and one old brazier. Put them in rubber bag and bring them to me. I would burn them”, Bishop Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church told his congregation.

Bishop Obinim Continued: “The men too should bring me their boxer shorts. One boxer short and one singlet. You can add those of your spouses and children. God has asked you to bring them to me so we pray over them and burn them.

“God told me that, ‘my son Obinim that I have made you an angel, when you burn the used panties and braziers, I would use them to remove bad things from my people. Bad things including curses, poverty, sickness and disappointments. God has told me he would remove all the bad things from your life.’ God is even talking to me as I am here speaking to you. Yes. God is talking to me right now. Wherever you are, run and bring me the panties to burn. Thus, says the Lord.”

Several thousands of his Christian congregation obeyed the ‘spiritual instruction from God’ and turned up at the next service with all manner of under pants which he gathered into a giant heap and set ablaze while the owners prayed fervently   to God for deliverance from all manner of ills and bad omen.

Source: Kwadwo Essel & Atukwei Clottey


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