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My Penis Was Not Shocked …But I Was Tortured – Says Modern Ghana Editor


Editor of online news portal,, has denied media reports which suggested National Security operatives used a taser on his genitals after his arrest and detention last Thursday.

Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri, however very strongly insists that he was brutally tortured during the detention and his arms were electrocuted while he received several hefty slaps in the face.

“They did not electrocute me. They did not use the teaser on my penis to be frank. I don’t want to lie. They even gave me food to eat so I could gain strength for more slaps. I won’t lie. I know the lady. And when I went to report, I saw the lady and I said thank you very much for feeding me”, the Editor insisted.

Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri said he was slapped, teasers were used on his arms and his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

He spoke to Barnard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show Tuesday morning: “I was made to put my head down and my legs up. I did this to a point I could no more do. He hit my back and I fell. So he told me to do press ups and I fell and I said oh my God I am weak. Then one guy put his hands here and pulled me up. Then another guy came with his elbow on my back. Then I fell. Then they asked me to rise up. I could not breathe. You know your back bone controls your nervous system.

“My brother I won’t lie. I am a northerner. I was properly trained. Why should I lie? I respect people in this country. I respect the president. So why should I lie? If they did not beat me, why would I say they beat me?” he added.


In a rather sharp rebuttal, National Security Council Secretariat has denied claims of assault and torture by the Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri

“Torture and manhandling of suspects are not part and parcel of the culture and architecture of the secretariat under the administration of President Akufo-Addo. We wish to categorically state that the suspect, during questioning, was never manhandled, neither was he subjected to any form of forced physical contact,” an official statement from the National Security outfit said.

It continued: “We are confident that the results of the medical examination will present the truth in the matter, so as to inform the appropriate steps to be taken…. The Secretariat reassures the general public that it will, at all times, continue to respect the rule of law in all of its operations.”


Meanwhile the National Democratic Congress (NDC has called for the immediate resignation or dismissal of the National Security minister Albert Kan-Dapaah over the incident.

The party’s National Communications Officer Sammy Gyamfi, in a statement signed on behalf of the NDC said “the NDC hereby calls on Albert Kan Dapaah to immediately resign as National Security Minister or be suspended by the President, to allow for a full-scale investigation into allegations of torture of the journalists. We submit that all those found culpable must be dealt with in accordance with law.

It continued: “It is a shame that President Akufo-Addo is presiding over these barbaric attacks on press freedom and egregious human right violations. His deafening silence on this and similar acts of repression does not do his reputation any good. As a vainglorious believer in the rule of law and a self-acclaimed human rights champion, he can do better. These barbaric acts will forever remain a blot on his reputation if he fails to act.

“He must for once, live up to expectation by ensuring that justice is served in this matter. Any attempt to trivialize this issue as we have seen in times past will only encourage the impunity that is already on the prowl in our nation. The time to act to safeguard our democracy is now.”

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