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My Sex Story Is True – Abena Kokor Fights Back

Nana Abena Korkor Addo, the pretty-faced lady who shot to fame after she published her nude videos has denied she has apologized for her recent Facebook posts which claimed that over 40 men, including married Ghanaian politicians, lawyers and journalists had sexual intercourse with her and paid her various sums of money.

Indeed, the Facebook post mentioned the some of the names Abena Kokor had apparently had sex with and said one of them, a famous Accra based-broadcast journalist who recently got into some ‘chichinga’ controversy and a popular National Youth Organizer of a political party were part.

The two, according to the post on her wall, paid her between GHC2,000 and GHC3,000 for the intercourse. The comments also spoke about the sizes of the sex organs of a few Ghanaian male celebrities.

Not long after the post, there was an Instagram update on Abena’s wall in which she apologized for putting out the information.

However, Abena’s Instagram wall has yet another update in which she explains that that her apology was not a retraction but rather for putting out the information in the first place.

She insists she did not tell a lie in any of the things she had said: ““They are not false allegations. I can’t live a lie. I can’t live with that I am sorry. A girl is sexually engaged and she has to apologize but the man who engaged her doesn’t. Maybe there should have been no apologies. I can’t live with that. The next time I say something everyone who think I am just crying wolf. No, I can’t live with that. We are all wrong and we all apologise if need be Why should I apologise for my manic episode. Who apologises for malaria, diabetes or hypertension” she wrote on her Instagram wall.

It is significant to note that none of the names Abena mentioned has been bold enough to comment on the development. None of them has either denied nor confirmed the allegation.


Just when social media went on a frenzy with the jaw breaking allegations on Nana Abena Korkor Addo’s Facebook wall, another video in which she was said to be granting an interview to Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, a broadcast journalist with the multimedia group popped up and Korkor was seen and heard discussing the circumstances under which she published her nudes two years ago.

“Sometimes, I still battle with what was really the motivation behind it. In that state, a medical professional would say I was in a hypersexual state. Every normal human being has sexual desires.  You either want to have sex, you either want to talk about sex, you either want to watch pornographic movies or be extra seductive. In a maniac state of bipolar, your sexuality is heightened so we call that hyper-sexuality”, Abena said in the video.

She continued: “I was in that phase so my colleagues would tell you that ‘Abena does not really use make up but during that state she was using a lot of makeup’. My clothes were tighter, most of the things I do would resonate with sex or seductiveness.

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