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Naa Torshie Preaches Peace & Tolerance

There is an urgent need for the people of Ghana to be intentional in a concerted effort to promote peace and religious tolerance as he country laces boots for yet another general election to elect a president a a new Parliament, Irene Naa Torshie Addo-Lartey, Administrator of District Assemblies’ Common Fund has suggested.

“As we approach this critical juncture in our nation’s history, an election year, our collective message of ethics, accountability, and responsibility carries additional weight. Let us champion the cause for tolerance and peace”, Naa Torshie noted during an address she gave as Guest of Honour at the 61st Annual Refresher Course, Retreat and Business Session of the Ghana Baptist Convention Ministers Conference.

She noted further that: “Ghana stands as a beacon of democracy, and we, as leaders both in faith and in civic spheres, must advocate for a climate where political and religious tolerance is celebrated. Let us ensure that the vibrancy of our democracy is matched by the civility of our discourse, fostering an atmosphere where diverse views are respected and harmony prevails.

“Ghana has always been a beacon of democracy in Africa, and as leaders—both religious and political—we must foster an environment where political and religious tolerance is the norm, not the exception. We must remember that our diversity is a strength, not a weakness, and that every voice deserves to be heard, regardless of its pitch,” she added.

Naa Torshie in the address, said she expected that during these times, all leaders, including those of faith, will act responsibly by making pronouncements that promote peace and the stability of Ghana, and not encourage conflict or divisiveness.

She noted further that : “as ministers, your words hold the power to inspire peace and guide the hearts of many. Let us use this power wisely.

“As we engage in meaningful deliberations throughout this conference, I urge each of you to approach our discussions with open hearts and minds. Let the spirit of wisdom and understanding guide our conversations. It is through these exchanges that we can forge strategies that are not only effective but also resonate with our Christian values. Let us consider innovative ways to apply our theme of ethics, accountability, and responsibility within our ministries and beyond, impacting our communities for the better. May our discussions be fruitful and lead to actionable insights that will enhance our collective ministry and serve as a beacon of God’s love and justice in our nation

“I implore all of us to dedicate time to pray earnestly for our government and our beloved country. As we are guided by principles of righteousness and integrity, let us pray that those in authority are also guided by the same virtues. Pray that their hearts and decisions are directed towards the welfare of all Ghanaians, fostering an environment where peace, justice, and prosperity flourish. In this election year, more than ever, let us uphold these virtues of ministerial ethics, accountability, and responsibility.

“Let us commit to being leaders who not only preach but embody the change we wish to see. Together, let us ensure that the fabric of our national discourse is woven with threads of understanding and respect, preserving the peace and unity of our beloved country before, during, and after the elections.”


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