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Nacee describes ‘Aseda’ is his fastest hit song

One of the biggest Gospel songs in Ghana right now arguably is ‘Aseda’ which was sung, produced and mastered by Nacee born Nana Osei.

The multi-talented instrumentalist has disclosed that the media has played a significant role in making his song go viral within the shortest time after its release.

Speaking in an interview, Nacee admitted that not everyone will release a song that makes waves within a short period of time compared to ‘Aseda’ which is currently topping chats.

“The reception I’m getting for Aseda is great because not everyone can release a song that within this short space of time you have this massive response.

“The media has jumped behind and playing the song and one of my happy moments is the acceptance of Ghanaians for Aseda,” he stated.

He added “The media in general has held onto the song and playing it consistently so that everybody will hear the message in the song it’s so amazing and the feeling is just too good”.

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