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Nacee makes history with maiden KAVOD concert

In a spellbinding spectacle at the National Theatre on a Sunday evening, gospel musician Nacee etched his name in history with the inaugural KAVOD concert, a riveting fusion of theatre and music.

The concert’s masterpiece was an enthralling stage play chronicling Nacee’s arduous journey to stardom. The curtain rose on a simulated recording studio, where the actor portraying Nacee regaled studio guests with the saga of his life.

The narrative unfolded through poignant flashbacks, depicting a young Nacee navigating the labyrinth of menial jobs – from a construction site laborer to a chop bar fufu pounder, an electrical apprentice, and a budding musician. The audience was transported to the days when Nacee weathered nights in a dilapidated garage, steadfastly pursuing his musical passion amid the trials of life.

From the cacophony of unpolished tunes that echoed through his early attempts, the flashback scenes traced his evolution into a polished artist who, after numerous trials, finally recorded a compelling demo. The struggle to choose a stage name – from Naasei to Black Ninja and Black Nana – culminated in the birth of ‘Nacee,’ a name that has become synonymous with his musical prowess.

The narrative delved into the intricacies of Nacee’s love life, spotlighting his relationship with Abrefi, a graduate who supported him in upgrading his living conditions. However, the romance was short-lived after a failed UK Visa interview shattered Abrefi’s dreams of a ‘borga’s’ wife, leading to a heart-wrenching break up.

A standout scene featured ‘Kavod FM,’ where comedians Foster Romanus and Clemento Suarez engaged in a spirited debate about Nacee’s collaboration with Guru on ‘Boys Boys.’ The play skillfully navigated the tensions between secular and gospel music, showcasing Nacee’s versatility in composing both spiritual and secular hits.

Transitioning to the modern-day Nacee, the narrative explored his role as the official DJ for former President Kufuor’s campaign, contributions to the ‘Believe in Ghana’ campaign for Akufo Addo, including a touching tribute to the late President Atta Mills, his relationship with ex-president John Mahama and the widely acclaimed campaign songs he composed for the latter.

A poignant moment surfaced as Nacee shared his battles with depression after facing backlash for producing campaign songs for Mahama. Amidst profound life lessons, the play culminated in a live performance by the real Nacee, emerging in a resplendent white ensemble to the euphoria of a rain-defying audience.

The finalists of the Aseda Open Verse Challenge also took the stage, captivating the audience with a live performance featuring a medley of songs.

The theatrical music odyssey, witnessed by dignitaries like Sonnie Badu, Empress Gifty, Piesie Esther, Asiedu Nketia, Gizella Tetteh Agbotui among others; unfolded as an unforgettable experience, leaving the National Theatre pulsating with the rhythm of Nacee’s timeless melodies.

Hosted by Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) and Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli, the event marked a triumphant celebration of resilience, faith, and the enduring power zeal of an icon like Nacee.

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