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Name, Shame And Prosecute The Bad Guys

IT is an undeniable fact that a country that condones and compromises on corruption suffers from economic, social and political vices which leads to poverty and underdevelopment.

It is for this reason that electorates, and Ghanaians for that matter, get alarmed when allegations of corruption emerge in high places and particularly against people in position of power and influence.

But is seems gradually, reality in setting in that the allegations of crass corruption are spewed only as a propagandist campaign apparatus to change governments; a strategy that has worked very well in Ghana.

Opposition parties are often on the mountain tops yelling atop their voices that incumbent governments and its officials are corrupt and should be kicked out and made to face the full rigors of the law so as to cough out the ill-gotten wealth they have swallowed.

Interestingly, once the opposition parties get voted into government, they never ever get to prosecute their predecessors. Rather, the accusers become the accused and the cycle continues.

Same script, different cast! This has been our political history to a very large extent.

Prior to election 2008, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was constantly accusing the John Kufuor led New Patriotic Party (NPP) of corruption. The NDC eventually won the polls and remained in political power for eight years during which period not a single NPP official or a Kufuor appointee was ever sent to court and jailed over corruption.

The NPP in is power today and suddenly it has lost its voice in the anti-corruption crusade it championed prior to election 2016.

For ten months and counting, not a single appointee of the Joh Mahama led NDC has been sent to court to answer questions over the supposed corruption for which they were so fiercely accused by the NPP.

THE PUBLISHER would not be surprised if indeed not a single fly gets prosecuted over corruption for the entire period the NPP would remain in power in the next three years.

Such attitudes of not walking the talk, does not only encourage people in positions of influence to get corrupt, but makes the anti-corruption jargons start to sound like a cliché not worth listening anymore.

THE PUPLISHER absolutely agrees with the call from Samuel OkudzetoAblakwa, Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu that of the NPP truly has any significant evidence that a former government official was corrupt, the new government should proceed to court or pipe down on the accusations and spare our ears.

Without this, we are losing out on the anti-corruption campaign and the NPP, after its term would have no reason to justify the allegations of corruption it leveled against John Mahama and his NDC government.

Corruption is not combatted with empty threats and feeble rhetoric. It requires a concerted effort, political will power and the tenacity to investigate, name shame, prosecute and jail.

Source: thepublisher

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