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Nana Appiah Mensah: An Investor Worth Celebrating

One of the challenges that has slowed down   the growth of Ghana’s creative arts sector has been the lack of investors.

This is an agelong challenge that has left many creative arts talents unpolished or prevented them from exploring their full potentials.

The music industry for instance, has suffered a deficiency of executive producers. Same applies to the movie industry, the fashion industry, the carving industry or any other sectors.

What pertains is that the talents themselves have to bend over backwards to cough out their own money to produce their songs, market the songs and then end up not breaking even because they cannot be all round professionals. They pretend to be ‘Jack of All Trades’ but end up as masters of none.

This has greatly slowed us down and over the decades, very little or absolutely nothing has been done to encourage investors into our creative arts sector.

The narrative is however changing with the coming in of someone like Nana Appiah Mensah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold and Zylofon Media.

This is one man that is investing very heavily into Ghana’s creative arts sector. The dividends would be enjoyed by all, not he alone, but as a country, we stand to benefit greatly.

Creative arts and tourism are inseparable bedfellows. When creative arts thrive, there would be an automatic boost in tourism. The contribution of tourism to the country’s economy cannot be over emphasized.

Therefore, if one private investor, Nana Appiah Mensah, is putting his money in a sector that would benefit the country as a whole, such an individual deserves some applauds, some encouragement, some motivation and some genuine celebration.

THE PUBLISHER is calling on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to show some positive interest in the contribution of Nana Appiah Mensah and his Zylofon team.

We should not stand aside and watch unconcerned. We need to encourage him so as to motivate others to also start investing in our creative arts.

Not only has Zylofon signed on some of the country’s best musicians and film makers and pumping huge sums of money into heir craft, but the company has actually provided the much-needed jobs for many heavy weights in the sector.

Aside the direct job creation from Zylofon, the company by the investment it has made in our creative arts has created thousands of indirect jobs and this is another reason the initiator, Nana Appiah Mensah, should be celebrated and encouraged.

THE PUBLISHER is of the opinion, that for once, Ghana should not go by the adage that “a prophet is without respect in his home”.

Let us respect a prophet from among us. Let us encourage and support an investor that is making Ghana proud. Let us celebrate and applaud Nana Appiah Mensah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold and Zylofon Media.

Source: thePublisher

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