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NCA Opened for Negotiations Over 4G License

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has told Citi Business News it is open for negotiations with prospective buyers of the second 4G spectrum license.

The CEO of the NCA, Joe Anokye explains that the outfit will abide by best practices in the sale of the license.
Telecommunication companies have complained about the high cost of the spectrum.

They argue that the high cost has deterred most of them from purchasing it.

As a result, they have made appeals for the cost to be reviewed downwards to make it affordable for interested networks.

Mr. Joe Anokye who could not readily announce a possible reduction however said the outfit will make the right decision if any company approaches it.

“I believe if an operator came up and requested for the block that is available, I believe we will have a discussion. We will have a discussion to look at what could be done.”

“So one of the things we do here is also look at what has been done in other jurisdictions so we will look at what happens in other countries and what has taken place here in Ghana and then we make a decision,” he explained.

The second 4G spectrum has been left untaken after MTN acquired the first at a cost of 67.5 million dollars in 2015.

The spectrum allows the telecom operator to provide improved internet services to customers as it has a faster speed and enhanced features.

The CEO of Vodafone, Yolanda Cuba has asserted that her outfit will launch into 4G network but will not do so at the high prevailing cost being quoted by the NCA.

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