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Need for measured criticisms of Black Stars

Ghanaians love football can and get really passionate when the national team, the Black Stars are at play at a major international stage as the ongoing World Cup.

The passion turns into sad emotions when the game does not go the way Ghanaians expect and as characteristic of most Ghanaians, they go on a no holds barred vitriolic attack on anyone and anything associated with the team.

This was no different from the aftermath of the Black Star’s 2-3 loss to Portugal at the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar last Thursday.

As expected passions were high and so was the voltage of criticisms.

We at the New Publisher are of the view that in as much as football sparks passion we should be measured in our criticisms of the players in order to no not demoralize them.

Unlike the days of hold where communication and technology did not move fast around the world, we live in an era where the players are able to get live up updates on the feedback from Ghanaians, the very people they are playing for.

To play your hearts out and lose a game under circumstances most persons have described as dubious and then to hear and read insulting comments directed at you by the very people you were bending over backwards for can be de-motivating.

It was not as if the Black Stars were sloppy and shabby. They played their hearts out. Portugal was no cheap side. Two of the goals the referee allowed have become a global controversy.

Under the circumstances, their performance should not be dismissed, disrespected and treated with disdain and scorn.

We should be proud of the performance our boys put up as we encourage them to live up to expectation in their match against South Korea this afternoon.

We as, Ghanaians, ought  to rally strongly behind the Black Stars and have the full  confident the team  can and would qualify from the group stages.

We should be positive and optimistic in our thoughts, words and attitude.

We lose nothing by being positive and optimistic. On the contrary, we dim their lights and become wet blankets when we continue to spew pessimistic and near insulting commentaries.

It would be ridiculous to think any member of the team does not want a win for Ghana. Certainly, they all want a win and are determined to do their best.

They deserve our united encouragement rather than the ugly noises of insults and baseless verbal attacks being spewed from some quarters.

We wish the Black Stars the best of luck in today’s game against South Korea.

Go Black Stars Go!!!

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