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Never Pardon Voter Fraud – EC tells police

In a resolute stance against electoral malpractice, the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has urged law enforcement to take decisive action against individuals involved in registering minors in the ongoing Limited Voter Registration exercise.

Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Eric Bossman Asare emphasized the need for strict punishment for those found guilty, underscoring the EC’s commitment to upholding electoral integrity.

“We urge the Police to apply the laws on those who have been apprehended to serve as a deterrent to others in the enterprise of facilitating the registration of minors and foreigners”, Dr. Eric Bossman spoke boldly.

Despite the commencement of the Limited Voter Registration on May 7, 2024, reports of minors being improperly registered persist, prompting the EC to sound the alarm.

Dr. Asare condemned the illicit facilitation of minors’ registration, citing instances in the Western Region where police apprehended individuals accused of enrolling underage voters.

“We continue to receive reports that minors and non-Ghanaians are being encouraged by certain persons who are members of political parties to register as voters”, he emphasized.

The Commission has seen a report from the Western Region specifically in Mpohor where some two persons who allegedly facilitated the registration of five minors have been apprehended by the Police.

Dr. Asare issued a heartfelt plea to parents, urging them to dissuade their underage children from participating in the electoral process.

“We wish to use this opportunity to urge parents especially to dissuade their children who are less than 18 years from registering as voters”, he said.

Holding political parties accountable, Dr. Asare implored national party leadership to discourage their regional executives from orchestrating the transportation of minors and non-citizens to registration centers. The EC views such actions as detrimental to the credibility of the electoral process and calls for collective commitment to fostering a credible voter register.

“Similarly, we beseech the national leadership of the political parties to discourage their executives in the regions and the constituencies from transporting minors and foreigners to the registration centers. The objective of the Commission as always has been to have a credible register for the 2024 elections.” He stated.

With a firm stance against electoral malpractice, the EC urges law enforcement agencies to enforce existing laws with strictness.Dr. Asare highlighted that the potential legal consequences resulting from breaking the law will discourage people from trying to manipulate the electoral process in the future.

Addressing underage individuals directly, Dr. Asare emphasized the illegality of voter registration for those below 18 years old, urging them not to succumb to illicit pressures to register.

“We want to urge the children who are not 18 years that it is against the law for them to register as voters. Children, don’t allow anyone to tell you to go and register and vote in the December 2024 elections if you are not 18 years.”

Acknowledging challenges in verifying applicants’ ages, the EC highlights the importance of the Ghana Card as a reliable means of identification.

The Commission advocates for the abolition of the Guarantor system, stating that it’s easily taken advantage of and causes confusion at registration centers.

Providing insights into the registration process, the EC outlines regional breakdowns of registration figures, including gender distribution and first-time voters. Additionally, the registration of persons with disabilities underscores efforts to promote inclusivity within the electoral process.

Expressing gratitude to the media for their coverage of the registration exercise, the EC urges balanced reporting.

While acknowledging challenges, the Commission calls on media outlets to denounce attempts to register ineligible voters and uphold the integrity of the electoral process.



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