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New Ahmadiyya mosque commissioned in Obuasi

The Ameer, Head and Missionary-In-Charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, has commissioned a modern 400-worshipper capacity Ahmadiyya mosque complex at Pomposo in the Obuasi East District of the Ashanti Region.

The grand opening ceremony to commission the 100,000 US Dollar facility which was put up by one Ahmad Adade Boakye was attended by Nananom, community leaders, and members of the Muslim community.

Delievering the keynote address before the outdooring of the Mosque, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, who began with a message about the story of Prophet Mohammed and teachings from the Quran, encouraged Muslims to reflect on their ways and to perform good deeds, reminding them that no religion is to blame for their negative actions but that it is a reflection of their own choices and decisions.

He also stressed the significance of building a house of God, as it is a blessing not only for the person or family that constructs it, but also for generations to come. He acknowledged the achievement made by Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family in constructing the mosque and expressed his gratitude to Allah for their success.

He urged all those gathered to seek Allah’s mercy and guidance in carrying out their religious duties effectively, so that they can reap the blessings of Allah both in this world and in the hereafter.

Alhaji Mohammed bin Salih emphasized that Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family are a blessed and worthy family to associate with, and shared that he himself had been an affiliate member of the family since he first got to know them.

He encouraged everyone to keep Alhaji Ahmed Boakye and his family in their prayers, and pray for Allah to grant them the best of this world and thereafter, as well as the ability for everyone present to emulate their example.

Alhaji Ahmad Kwame Boakye, the Naib Zonal President drew comparisons between the building of the new mosque and the story of Abraham and Ismail building the mosque in Mecca, as mentioned in the Quran. He acknowledged that while their efforts were merely a fraction of what Abraham and Ismail achieved, it was still a significant milestone for the local Muslim community.

He shared personal reflections on his own journey, including the history of how he received his son and the challenges he faced with his family. He also spoke about how he encouraged his son, Ahmed Boakye, to fulfill what he could not in this world by the grace of Allah, and how his son’s efforts led to the establishment of the new mosque. Alhaji Ahmad Boakye expressed his wish for his son to build another mosque with his younger brother.

Mr. Ibrahim Anokye, the Zonal President, presented the history of Jamaat and the Mosque with the following remarks:

“Once upon a time, there lived a man in the community by the name of Mr. Kwame Kwakye. He was a man of diverse interests, with a passion for both academics and farming. Under his leadership, many in the community found employment in his successful farm. Given his interest in academics, he joined forces with the elders of the community to build a school in the area.

The school was established at the site that now serves as the location for the new mosque. However, as the number of students continued to grow, the limited land area at the school’s original location soon became inadequate to accommodate them. The school was then relocated to a larger location, which currently serves as the community center and market.

During this time, missionaries arrived in the community to spread their teachings, and Mr. Kwame Kwakye was drawn to their message. He converted to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, becoming the first person in the community to do so. His family and friends soon followed in his footsteps. In appreciation of his newfound faith, he donated the former school’s location to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission as a place of worship.

The mosque was originally constructed using wood, but eventually, it fell into disrepair. A fellow worshipper opened his home to the congregation, allowing them to worship in one of his rooms. The Missionary’s elders then decided to rebuild the mosque, and worship resumed at their new place of worship.

However, as the years passed and the community continued to grow, it was decided that a modern and expanded mosque was needed. Alhaji Ahmad Boakye made a proposal for such a mosque and, with the support of his family, construction soon began. Before the new structure could be erected, some cables had to be removed from the site, which Mr. Issah and Mr. Bashiru helped cover the costs of.

It was during this time that the decision was made to name the mosque after the man who first brought the Ahmadiyya Mission to the community. The Zonal President thus humbly requested that this proposal be accepted, in honor of the man who played such a crucial role in the establishment of the mosque and the faith in the community.

In closing, the Zonal President extended his prayer to Allah for the continued well-being of Alhaji Ahmad Boakye’s wife, who could not be present due to ill health. He also prays for the souls of those who have since passed and for Allah’s blessings and peace upon all. May peace be upon you.

The chief Imam, distinguished Chiefs, and esteemed guests also delivered their speeches, expressing their support for the mosque construction and the ceremony being held. They emphasized the importance of peace and understanding between Muslims and Christians in the nation, as Islam is a religion of peace.

In all, the opening of the new mosque in Pomposo is a testament to the growth and strength of the local Muslim community. It provides a much-needed gathering space for worship and Muslim community events, and it serves as a symbol of unity and pride for the community. The mosque will undoubtedly play a vital role in the lives of local Muslims, and it is a positive and exciting development for the entire community.

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