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 NKD Snr Releases New Single Titled ‘W’AYƐ’

Gospel artiste NKD, born Nana Kwaku Duah has released a soul-inspiring single titled ‘W’AYƐ’ – a message to believers to entrust God to fight all their battles.

According to the gospel musician, the idea of the song is to project the good works of God, inspiring others to still keep faith in the Almighty God in salvaging their worries.

The song produced from Groove House Studios transcend beyond religious boundaries, appealing to people of all walks of life.

The message of hope in the song seeks to reach far and wide, spreading like wildfire throughout Ghana and even beyond borders.

Narrating the motivation behind the song, he said, “W’AYƐ means He said it and He has done it for you. He said you’ll marry and it has come to reality. He promised you’ll prosper and He made it happen. Sometimes all you’ll have to do is prepare your mind, and soul for the 3 days glory. Delay is not denial. God has not forgotten your glory time and there’s surely time for it – that’s why Jesus Christ resurrected from dead the third day, it means He has taken away all shame, problem, issues of life and make it good for the believer. Whatever has been the problem – the third day has come for Him to resurrect and make things good. You have to get the faith and further praise Him that He has solved everything”.

About NKD Snr

NKD Snr has the passion of propagating the good news of Christ through effective evangelism. It is one of the Kingdom Ministries of Christ founded by Nana Kweku Duah, a passionate servant of God with the sole aim of propagating the Good News of Christ through effective evangelism.

His ministry’s sole aim is to preach through songs, the essence of the cross and why we would have to turn to God. Objective is to use given voices and talents to make meaning of the cross and give praise to God for the great gift of life through songs.

NKD uses music to create an avenue where believers can have an atmosphere of patriotism and also to pray for unity and growth for the nation and as well remind of the oneness in Christ and as a nation.

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