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Normalization Committee Apologize To Journalists


The Normalization Committee has apologized to the media for the unfortunate incident that happened between freelance journalist Ekow Asham Lawyer Kweku Duah.

In a statement signed by its Vice Chairperson, Lucy Quist and forwarded to,  the Normalization Committee said it regrets the incident and is committed to treating its stakeholders with utmost respect.

“The Normalization Committee unequivocally apologizes for the unfortunate incident that occurred at the media interaction on the 17th of October, 2018 at the Alisa Hotel.

We believe in treating each other and all stakeholders with respect, this includes respect for each other’s time.We are counting on all stakeholders to work with us to reform the beautiful game of football in Ghana”

According to the Committee, they appreciate all journalists and other stakeholders who join the gathering with valuable remarks and suggestions.

Not Interested In Your Stupidity

A member of the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Lawyer Duah Adonteng lost his temper after freelance journalist Ekow Asmah questioned his lateness and he rudely responded, “I am not interested in this stupidity”.

Lawyer Duah Adonteng was a bit late for the Normalization Committee’s meeting with the media at Alisa Hotel and Ekow Asmah queried why the spokesperson of the Normalisation Committee (Dan Kweku Yeboah) had asked the gathering to clap for the legal practitioner on account of him being late for the gathering.

“Let’s put our hands together for lawyer Duah Adonteng a member of the committee, he is a legal practitioner so he had to attend some meetings…,” Mr Yeboah said.

“Did you say we should clap for him, for coming late, or?” Mr Asmah queried during the Question and Answer segment of the briefing.

Duah Adonteng was furious and responded by saying “I am not interested in this stupidity”. Lawyer Duah later apologized to Ekow Asmah for his rude response.

Read The Full Statement Below: 

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