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NPP has betrayed Rev. Owusu-Bempah – Prophet Nigel Gaisie laments


Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the outspoken Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel has described the style of arrest, denial of bail in court and the week-long remand to police cells of Rev. Isaac Owusu-Bempah as a betrayal by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led government the latter supported significantly to win political power.

Nigel Gaisie explained that though the arrest on Owusu Bempah, in itself, is not a bad thing because no individual is above the law, denying him bail and asking him to go sleep in police cells for a whole week is a sad development.

Nigel was speaking to Okay FM’s Kwame Nkrumah Tikese and when the morning show host ‘President’ asked if he considers that as a betrayal on the part of the NPP which Owusu-Bampah campaigned to bring to power, Nigel answered with an emphatic “yes” and explained:

“You know I am a blunt person. They have betrayed him. They have betrayed hm. Where he is sleeping now is not a good place to sleep. I was thinking they would be gracious enough to bail him. Nobody is above the law but I felt he could have at least being bailed. This could be a wakeup call for all pastors to be one. No matter what you do for politicians, they would still value themselves more than us”, Nigel Gaisie noted.

He continued: “Arresting him is okay and we thank God that the law is working. There is a new IGP and I can see he is trying to do some new things, we thank God and we all support it. But this is not a first degree felony. And considering his impact and what he has done for this system and all that, I think he could have been bailed. A self-recognizance bail is okay. Osofo Owusu-Bempah would not run away. Then the law can take its full course.

“But to remand a man of his stature, considering his contribution. This is a man who can say that if the NPP does not win his church building should be burnt, then the least said about it the better if he is facing such disgrace under the same NPP government.

“He was very vocal and we cannot under estimate the contribution of Rev. Owusu Bempah in the re-election of President Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia. His contribution was monumental and when the history is being written, no one can leave that out. I am not saying the law shouldn’t work. I am saying that they should be gracious enough. Someone would say Prophet Nigel has not spoken well but I fell this could be handled better.

“The lessons I have personally learnt from this is that you do not die for a politician, whether party A, B, C, D or Z because when we look at the impact of Owusu-Bempah in the last elections, I respect the rule of law but we are in this country and people have done worse. For me, it is not worth to die for any party, any politician in Ghana. It is not worth it”, he added.

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