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NPP Delegates Can Cast Multiple Votes – Omari Wadie


A National First Vice Chairman hopeful of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Michael Omari Wadie, has indicated that the leadership of the party had granted a petition that would allow delegates to cast multiple votes using the normal voting pattern.

According to a statement signed by Mr. Wadie, each delegate can now vote for three (3) people in the vice chairpersons’ race.

He had previously warned the Electoral Commission (EC) against any acts of changing the voting pattern of the Vice chairpersons slot at this year’s National Delegates conference.

The aspirant had said that there were plans by the EC to rearrange the process and make delegates vote for one person on the ballot paper, regarding the vice chairmanship positions, instead of the three as had always been the case in previous elections.

He argued that the EC’s move contravenes Article 9(E) (i) of the NPP Constitution and must be resisted by the rank and file of the party.

“I, Aspiring National 1st Vice Chairman Michael Omari Wadie, petitioned the national executives of the NPP about a proposed decision by some people through the leadership to the Electoral Commission that sought to deny delegates their voting rights,” the statement read.

According to the statement, “the leadership have accepted to maintain the existing procedure which has been used in previous elections to select leaders of the party.”

By: Jennifer Avemee

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