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NPP Has Pressed The Self Destructive Button

The New Publisher has the requisite nerves to tell the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that it is headed for a political suicide and Armageddon if it does not as a matter of urgency agree on the rules of engagement ahead of its presidential primaries scheduled for an undecided date.

In the absence of a clearly explained and agreed upon regulation proponents of the respective wannabe presidential candidates are engaged in a free for all smear campaign that does nothing but piles up political currency for the opposition political parties.

The weight of stinking manufactured nonsense being peddled around makes one wonder if the party leaders are in control of the party and its members.

The supposed wannabe candidates have not openly associated themselves with the dirty angles but they have equally not disassociated themselves.

We call on the party leadership to shake itself from its annoying slumber and call the camps to order.

Party leadership would have itself to blame if the creeping baloney degenerates into the accepted order of the day.

It is not a crime for any party member in good standing to contest to become presidential candidate.

If a candidate avails himself or herself and the Electoral College has reason the person is not the most attractive political commodity to earn the party, victory, the fellow should be voted against.

Ahead of the primaries date, the mudslinging and paranoia and apparent mischievous machinations is an unnecessary self – destructive button that has been pressed.

Suddenly, a former Communications Director of the party, a former national officer for that matter is sounding all ‘uncomplimentary’ and spewing the type of language fit to be described as below the belt simply because he suspects a particular poll does not favour the wannabe candidate he supports.
Some of the foul language thrown at each other is not even worth republishing.

Our focus is to remind the NPP leadership that any of the men who have availed themselves to lead the party can win the primaries and therefore it is politically suicidal to damage one beyond repairs.

In the gladiators arena, even where the rule allows for fight-to-kill so the survivor gets enthroned as emperor, care is always taken so that injuries that can lead to permanent and irreparable deformity is usually avoided by both fighters else the new emperor could spend forever and whatever in a quest for an elusive cure.

It is not clear which of the candidates would get the nod. It is risky to watch one get soiled.

In seeking a third-term mandate in a row, the slightest margin of split, no matter how small it is, would lead to a straight defeat irrespective of who the candidate is.

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