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Nudity Is Not A Hit Song


One trend that has taken over the music industry in Ghana and across Africa which is an advent of European culture is the dominance of nudity. Whether this is good or bad, it’s subjective.

However, I would want to tackle this thought provoking topic with the lens of Ghanaian culture.

How do this generation understand “Nudity” when it comes to Showbiz? It is a general perception that nudity sells and because of this backdrop, no amount of shame is exhibited for the preservation of womanhood and the culture that gives us true identity.

Now, no amount of justification is justifiable for the protection of culture and the preservation of norms in the eyes of the modern musicians.

Any attempt by bloggers like me to write any form of article to serve as a disincentive to minimize the use of nudity as a major ingredient is met with blatant and ruthless attacks from the perpetrators and a wide cross section of the general society.

It therefore saddens my heart when I see young ladies go naked all in the name of showbiz. Has show business changed to ‘naked business’ when it comes to ladies in the music cycle?

Most of the emerging female artistes believe in ‘ they grab attention of the public’ with their naked pictures than songs. The Ghanaian music industry is already men dominated and is  making it difficult for the media especially traditional media to pay attention to female – a strategic reason but very diabolic .

Instead of emerging female artistes to work hard to give us reasons to pay attention to their craft, all they preach is nudity. But I ask, why struggle to book naked photoshoot with that photographer instead of collaborating with female star artistes  in the country? Why not try hard to catch the attention of female star artistes to help groom you?

I think our generation needs to be talked to. How can you naked yourself in the presence of a photographer but complain your manager wants to have a sexual relationship with you forgetting you pushed him.

Wake up female emerging artistes and work hard to better your craft.

Remember that your nakedness is your private power so if it is sold on a silver platter of catching attention, your worth as a woman has been reduced to a regular girl.

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