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Nungua Traditional Council DEFENDS Gborbu Wulomo: Our Virgin Wife Is 16, Not 12

Earlier attempts to explain the confusion over whether or not the 63-year-old High Priest cum traditional pontiff of the Nungua people had grabbed for himself a new wife of age 12 came across as pieces of disjointed contradictions and near self-incriminating statements until the Nungua Traditional Council put together a presser to give clarity on Tuesday afternoon.

The press conference addressed by Rev Dr Daniel Nii Gyasi Ankrah, Director of Administration, Office of the Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse  was categorical  that the High Priest, Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII, better known as the Gborbu Wulomo has not married a minor and would not marry a minor.

He was clear that the traditional ceremony which involved the minor and the Wolomo   on Saturday, March 30, 2024, in Nungua was neither a marriage ceremony nor a betrothal and therefore any such reports should be disregarded.

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This assurance Nii Gyasi Ankrah that there was neither a marriage nor betrothal contradicts what was explained by the GaDangme Council in a statement, signed by President Nii Ayikoi Otoo, who is a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Ghana: “important to clarify that the traditional ruler has stated that the relationship with the underage girl is a betrothal and not a marriage. This distinction to us has altered the legal implications.”

Truth is even if the Saturday ceremony was a “betrothal”, it still is not allowed under Section 14 (1) of the Children’s Act, 1998 under the heading, ‘Right to refuse betrothal and marriage’ states as follows: “No person shall force a child- (a) to be bethrothed; (b) to be the subject of a dowry transaction: or (c) to be married.”

Section 14 (2)  continues: “The minimum age of marriage of whatever kind shall be eighteen years.”

At the presser, it was also explained that the age of the child in question is 16 and not 12 as very widely reported.

“The girl in question is actually 16 years old. We accept and agree that by the constitution of the land, she is underage. But she is not married as is being stated. That is not the issue”, the Traditional Authorities noted.

They explained that the young virgin is to serve the Gborbu deity, and not the priest. The nature of her services to the deity is such that only a virgin is qualified for the sacred task.

Nii Gyasi Ankrah explained further: “We would like to emphasise that there is no carnal relationship or marriage involved as perceived by many. Naa Yoomo attends one of the best private schools in Nungua. She has a chauffeur that takes her to school and brings her home. She’s been attended to.”

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“As we have indicated for the past six years she has been performing this particular rite and for that matter, we have the elderly within the community that takes good care of her. She has no friends because she accepts and understands that the task that is ahead for her to perform does not permit her to have a normal child upbringing. It is part of being a royal.”

The presser continued: “The Gborbu deity has four Traditional and Religious wives in Nungua alone and they are Naa Ashiele, Naa Ohemea, Naa Bosuafi and the final one is Naa Yoomo Ahwemoede. The Gborbu deity has other wives outside Nungua, some are Akornode in Larteh, etc. Per traditional customary rites, Naa Yoomo Ahwemoede performs a peculiar traditional role which is different from the other three wives,

“We would like to emphasize that, there is no carnal relationship or marriage involved as perceived by many. For the records, the other wives to the deity have their respective legal husbands,” the statement said.

They gave several explanations to clarify that the position given to the minor was purely traditional and ceremonial and that when she comes of age, she would be a liberty to marry any man of her choice without any hindrance whatsoever.

The Spokesperson also explained that a woman who was captured on a video recording  at the ceremony held last Saturday, coaching the minor or now to seduce the 63 year old man should not be taken serious because the woman in question had no locus in the matter at hand.


The clarity is a rather belated one as the Nungua people have already come under intense condemnation from persons across the world.

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The court of public opinion has already judged the Gborbu Wolomo and his elders and guilty with several calls for their arrest.

Already, the Ghana Police Service has issued a statement to say the child in question and her mother have been taken into a safe custody while investigations are underway to get the truth of what actually transpired last Saturday.

The Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice has directed the Inspector General of Police and the Ghana Police Service to investigate the alleged marriage of minor and the 63 year old Wolomo.

“The allegations, if proven, constitute a criminal offence for which all persons involved must face prosecution. We would appreciate it if you could cause your outfit to conduct the necessary investigation of the alleged child marriage to enable our Office to do the needful,” letter signed by dated April 2 and signed by Deputy Attorney General, Diana Asonaba Dapaah noted.

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