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Oboy Siki describes women with many kids as tattered and unattractive

Nana Kofi Agyeman otherwise called Oboy Siki, a popular Kumawood actor has said no sensible woman will give birth to four kids.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Hello FM in an interview, the controversial movie star said women who give birth to a lot of children become tattered and unattractive.

He said “Any woman who is sensible enough won’t allow a man to have more than four children with her in this modern day. I mean no sensible woman will have more than four children nowadays with her husband or whoever she’s staying with.

“Even as a woman if you give birth to plenty of children you become tattered and it’ll get to a point your husband won’t find you attractive anymore,” he added.

Economic Challenges

He further added that, it’s senseless to have more kids in this modern day and age.

He said poor people must not have a lot of children.

According to the veteran showbiz icon, only those who are financially sustainable should have the desire to bring forth more children

He opined “In our economic situation advising people to give birth to plenty of children while they stay together in a small rented house doesn’t make sense. If you don’t have money giving birth to a lot of children can be worrisome but people can choose to disagree even though that’s my candid opinion.

“You don’t have any problem if you are financially sound with your own apartments in that case you can have as many children as you desire.”

Attention Seeking Gimmicks

In the same interview, Oboy Siki revealed that all the things he said about Kojo Nkansah Lil Win, describing him as ‘monkey’ was to enable him get attention for his movie premiere.

He narrated “I was in Accra for about two weeks and I met one of Kojo Nkansah’s boys at a restaurant and he asked me how am I going to assist Lil Win for a movie premiere. The premiering that Kojo Nkansah is about to do you need to say something in order for it to get attention and so I said ok I’ll think about it.

“So I was called to feature on a radio show and during the show I called Lil Win a monkey which became an issue all in an attempt and a strategy to hype Lil Win for his movie premiering.”

According to Oboy Siki, he is not bothered by the insults he got for calling Lil Win a monkey after the huge patronage Kojo Nkansah got for his movie titled ‘Mr. President.

“I did a campaign for him to get people to attend his premiering but his guys didn’t know and I was heavily insulted by his bloggers and media people. But after the huge attendance he got for his premiering, I’m now satisfied that what I did for him has paid off so I don’t care what anybody said about me,” he added.

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