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Okada Claims 1,008 Lives


The Director in charge of Research, Education and Training at the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD), DSP Alexander Kwaku Obeng has disclosed that a total of 1,008 pedestrians were killed through motor accidents in the first quarter of 2018.

According to him, the figure is out of 1,327 pedestrians who were reported to have been knocked down by motor vehicles.

In an interview with THE PUBLISHER, he said the major cause of road accidents in the country is as a result of bike riders disregarding traffic regulations.

“We are aware of the indiscriminate disregard of motor bike riders to traffic lights and have begun putting the necessary measures in place to ensure the safety lives of pedestrians, drivers as well as travelers” he stressed.

Highlighting on some measures the unit is putting in place to curb motor accidents, DSP Obeng said the unit will place cameras on traffics lights to track down offenders.

“We will continue to educate the public on the dangers with motor bikes and hold periodic motor bike enforcement to ensure proper administration,” he added.

The senior police officer however, debunked rumors of them being reluctant on motor cyclist who bypassed them when directing traffics.

“Okada business is illegal; however, we are not in the position to ensure it is stopped from being commercial vehicles” he mentioned.

According to him, regulation 128 of the Road Traffic 2012 also known as L.I 2180 prohibit the use of motor cycles for commercial purposes, except for crucial and delivery services.

He said MTTD would put in place measures to stop motor riders from using the motor bikes for commercial purposes, indicating that the MTTD does not have the authority to carry out such policies in the country

Touching on the need to consider the construction of a different road for motor cycles as a measure to reduce pedestrian knock downs, DSP Obeng said that by doing that the Okada business will be considered legal.

By: Abigail Karikari

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