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Our Roads Are In Deplorable State : Let’s Work It Out


Our Roads Are In Deplorable State : Let’s Work It Out

ALL manner of task forces have been set up to deal with issues considered threats to this country’s national security.

SOME of them are Operation Vanguard- dealing with illegal mining, which is popularly known as galamsey, Operation Calm Life- tackling armed robberies, a task force against open defecation, urination and indiscriminate dumping of refuse among others.

TO a large, these task forces have helped tremendously to reduce whatever threat to national security they have been tasked to do. Today, we can beat our chest and proudly say that the menace of galamsey and its disastrous effects have been reduced drastically, albeit not eradicated completely.

ARMED robbery, which was on the rise not too long ago, especially in the national capital, has reduced following the setting up of the Operation Calm Life, a joint military-police task force.

IN the wake of these success stories that we have chalked as we try to address issues of national security, many Ghanaians are wondering why this same level of efforts would not be put in tackling the rampant road crashes we are witnessing in the country.

SEROUSLY, the continuous and high figures of carnages on our roads are very frightening. And if proactive measures are not taken by the powers-that-be we will continue to lose not only innocent lives, but more importantly, many of our working population. And that will certainly be at a cost to us!

IT is in the light of the above that Today believes strongly that central government needs to outline proactive measures towards reducing to the barest minimum road accidents.

FOR us at Today we believe the continuous carnage on our roads almost on a daily basis is a national issue which needs to be treated with a sense of urgency. That, of course, means bringing all the stakeholders to fashion out steps to curb road accidents in this country.

WE equally entreat our law enforcers to ensure that road traffic regulations are enforced to the latter and that any driver caught flouting any of them should be dealt with within the remit of the laws of this country.

HAVING said all these, it is imperative that drivers appreciate the need to be extra-cautious, especially as we are in the the rainy season. We must all make it a responsibility to ensure that road accidents are reduced to its barest minimum!

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