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Outrage As Nigerian Senator Appears In Rap Video


Eyebrows have been raised across Nigeria after a senator famed for his love of the high-life appeared in an Afro-Trap music video wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with one word: Legend.

Dino Melaye may only have a cameo in the lavish video – which features musician Kach, who also happens to be the son of Nigeria’s oil minister – but he is arguably the star of the show.

After all, the song is called “Dino”.

But is it satire or simply a suggestion the Kogi West politician is oblivious to the criticism which swirls around him?

The video includes lyrics about “ballin'”, “Gucci” and “telling the truth just like I’m Dino”, while the video shows Kach throwing money over a woman sitting on a sports car, and eating $100 bills with his friends.

This is seen as particularly insensitive by some given Kogi State’s poor record on paying government workers.

Source: BBC

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