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P-square: Paul Okoye opens up on their breakup


After months of speculations  on their uncertain future, Peter and Paul Okoye a.k.a Psquare finally went their separate ways last September, and there has been no sign that the singing twin brothers will reunite again. One of the twin brothers, Paul, has finally opened up on their break-up, his music and plans to re brand himself..

He further debunked claims made by his brother that he disrespected his wife and kids on social media during a feud between the duo.  In an earlier interview, Peter Okoye made a shocking revelation that, the death of the P-Square group is as a result of disrespect from his brother.

He stated that, it does not make sense that he will ruin 22 years of hard work, invested in their career over such trivial issues.

“I always say this, I did not work hard for 22 years to start destroying stuffs like that, to be honest with you, I don’t know”, he asserted.

He further indicated that he is shocked at the contentions his brother has raised against him.

He said, “These are sensitive questions and there are ways you will say it and people will create news out of it, trust me people, I don’t know. The way you people are lost and confused about this issue, is the way I am seeing the issue too.”

He has respectfully denied the media details to his side of the story as he says the entire story will not benefit anybody.

However, Paul says he still hopes to satisfy his fans with more music but willing and ready for change of certain identities of his bother in personal name and that of the label.

”I don’t want it to be attached to my name for now. That’s why I want to change it because I am Rude Boy now and there are so many things I also need to change about myself.  I will say 2018 is not a re-branding year for me, but for my record label. This is because I’m still the same person I have not changed.” – he added

However reports indicates, he is currently on Europe tour for betterment of his career and many other things.

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