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Paediatric Society welcomes recently acquired childhood vaccines

The President of the Paediatric Society of Ghana, Dr. Hilda Mantebea Boye has described as great news the arrival of the first consignment of childhood vaccines.

Expressing excitement about the vaccines, she said, “we are excited as a society that finally we have the vaccines. As we are aware, there have been some shortages for some months now in certain areas of the country. So it’s great that the vaccines are available now. We should not have been here talking about shortages, but it’s commendable we have the vaccines now”.

The President of the Society said they will keep monitoring the various health facilities to check for any possible shortages.

“We currently don’t have any particular numbers about the vaccines that have come in. We are expecting that more will come in. Some of our facilities have assured us that they have begun taking up their stock, so the vaccination will re-start today March 14. We have an expanded immunisation programme. The Ghana Health Service will ensure that the distribution is done across the country. We are confident that they know their job and will do it once the vaccines are in”.

She stated, “we as a society have members across the country, and we will keep monitoring the situation, and ask our members to update us on whether they are getting the vaccines at their various locations so that we can troubleshoot and alert if more things need to be done. We are not going to let down our guards and will continue to monitor”.

Dr. Hilda Mantebea Boye urged the government to ensure that there’s enough supply of vaccines for babies who will be delivered this year.

“We encourage the government to do everything within its power to ensure that there is enough supply for babies that are going to be born this year,” she urged.

The Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) on Saturday, March 11, 2023, took delivery of the first consignment of Measles vaccines, BCG vaccines and Oral Polio Vaccines.

The Ministry of Information in a Facebook post said distribution to various regions and facilities has begun.

The Information Ministry assured that more vaccines are expected in the country in the coming weeks from multiple sources.

The Ghana Health Service has confirmed taking delivery of a consignment of childhood vaccines entreating caregivers to desist from rushing to hospitals for the vaccines.

The GHS said the Ministry of Health has made adequate provisions for the supply of vaccines that will last for the rest of the year and beyond.

The vaccines, according to GHS include BCG, OPV with accompanying devices such as needles, syringes and safety boxes.


Credit: Citi News

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