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Pamela ‘Curses’ Ola Micheal


Social Media model, Pamela Odame Watara has expressed anger on Entertainment Pundit Ola Michael after he exposed her of not attending Wisconsin university describing him as a ‘’dwarf’’.

According to her, she will subject beatings on the Movie Producer wherever she sees him because she felt insulted for being described as a Porn Star.

The Former Public Relations Officer of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) recently exposed Pamela Odame in the studios of Peace FM Entertainment Review for lying about being a student at Wisconsin University.

“You are not a student of Wisconsin University. They don’t even know you. I gathered you have a friend there you have been visiting at the hostel. You do not know how much they pay as school fees and have no idea who your course mates are. Stop lying to listeners and speak the truth because you are a fantastic liar and I will like to cast you in one of my movies because of your lying behaviour”, Ola Michael mocked

The Student Representative Council (SRC) President corroborated Ola’s stance and that left Pamela Odame Watara dumbfounded. The model who could not stand the shame and disgrace walked out of the studio of Peace FM few minutes after.

However in what seems to be a response to the Entertainment Critic in a viral video sighted by The Publisher, Pamela Odame told Fiifi Prat on Rainbow Radio 87.Fm that, Ola Michaels had no right to insult and denigrate her in the manner he did.

“That short guy at Peace FM called Ola claimed I do not attend the school. That dwarf, if not for anybody at all, I have really ‘mean’ that guy, the dwarf, that short guy. He looked at my face, fingers and told me I looked like a p*rn star, was it his mother or father he was talking to. There are so many people at Peace FM but he is the one I want to reply.” – she said.

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