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‘Paracetamol more harmful than Marijuana’ – Black Rasta Claims


Black Rasta over the years has made public awareness of his wish for legalization of marijuana in the country. To some extent it has landed him before privileges committee of parliament, going to explain motive behind such pronouncement from him,with all that, he has still not given up in such talks.

He has recapped his call for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana once again, Speaking on Connect FM, Black Rasta, host of Taxi driver on Zylofon FM emphasized on the numerous benefits of marijuana.

”We have legalised dangerous chemicals which are on the market. Paracetamol is more dangerous than marijuana. … Do you know how many people paracetamol kills?” –  he expressed worried.

According to him, marijuana can be used for oils that can be sold out there,emphasizing on the fact that, marijuana oil is one of the most healing, when it comes to therapy by research.

The ‘Salaga Soldier’ claimed marijuana has thousands of uses, noting it was unfortunate that Ghanaians are only capitalizing on one unfortunate use of marijuana (smoking) to demonize the herb which he said has economic viability. Explaining further, he said Ghana as a country loses millions and billions of cedis each day because of our failure to ascertain the legalization of marijuana.

 He encouraged the government to pilot the cultivation of marijuana with state farms which he said should be under the direct control and supervision of government, and based on the outcome give out license to private farmers to cultivate same.

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