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Partial Holiday in K’si After 6 Hours Rain

There was partial holiday in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi, popularly known as the Garden City, on Friday morning.

A torrential rainfall, which lasted for more than six hours in the morning, prevented residents from visiting their workplaces.

The usual busy streets in the city were surprisingly looking quiet like a ghost town when the rains finally subsided around 12 noon.

Adum, the Central Business District (CBD), which is always full of activities, this time around was empty and quiet during the paper’s visit.


It emerged that several bridges in the city have been submerged during the floods, which prevented the movement of people.

The floods were said to be so severe that vehicles that tried to move through the rising waters ended up falling into gutters or getting stuck midway.

Shops Closed

As a result of this, most of the shops in the city were seen closed even at noon time, where businesses usually flourished in the city.

The closure of most of the shops during the afternoon gave a clear indication that an unofficial holiday had been declared in the city.

Food Shortage

The lengthy hours if rainfall also left in its wake food shortage in the Ashanti regional capital as almost all the popularly food joints were closed.

Residents in the city, who usually depend on food joints for food, suffered on the day as they could not readily get food to purchase.

Source: Kwadwo Essel/thePublisher

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