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Passport Office to Roll Out Chip-Embedded Passports

The Passport Office is banking on the successful rollout of the national ID system to significantly enhance its operations and stem the illegal acquisition of Ghanaian passports by foreigners.

At a news conference in Accra on Wednesday, the Passport Office also announced it will soon roll out the chip-embedded passports to further enhance the security of the travel document and make it a lot more difficult for it to be faked.

“With the biometric passports that we are using now, the security features are enormous even though it is not up to the e-passports which is where we want to get to,” said Director of Passports, Emmanuel Enos told Joy News’ Hannah Odame.

Officials have meanwhile been celebrating what they say is a marked improvement in their processes which makes the acquisition of a passport possible in three days.

Director of Passports, Emmanuel Enos, said his outfit currently processes between up to 300 passports every day.

A newly introduced online passport application platform is enabling Ghanaians in the diaspora whose passports are about to expire and who are planning to return home could easily apply for a Ghanaian passport through the online portal prior to their return home.

Source: Myjoyonline

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