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Peki Gov’t hospital rehabilitates 15 mental health patients


The Peki Government Hospital has graduated 15 rehabilitated mental health clients of the hospital who have been trained in various economic activities geared at facilitating their reintegration into society.

The 15 clients who were admitted to the hospital with different mental health situations have been completely rehabilitated and ready to be reintegrated into their communities.

Medical Superintendent of the Peki Hospital, Dr Alphonse Makafui Dzakpasu noted that that the days of ridiculing mental health clients are long gone, as such conditions could easily be treated if diagnosed.

He bemoaned the diagnosis gap in mental health care delivery in the country.

“It is interesting to know that 700,000 Ghanaians have severe mental health conditions, making about 0.3% of the population. 2.2million Ghanaians have mild to moderate disorders. One thing we have realized is that there is a huge diagnosis gap. Because there is not enough decentralization of mental health care, there is a huge diagnosis gap and as a result, there is also a wide treatment gap.”

Dr Dzakpasu said the Peki hospital is trying out new means of diagnosing and treating mental health clients of the hospital and reintegrating such persons into society in a manner that prevents relapse and restores their dignities.

Head of the mental health unit of the Peki Government hospital, Tettey Mercy Sitsofe said the unit continues to record a growing number of mental health cases. In 2017, for example, Madam Tettey said the unit recorded a total of ‘710 cases with 297 being new cases’.

Regional Mental health coordinator, Courage Ahorlu Dzage praised the Peki Government Hospital for leading efforts in providing comprehensive mental health care service to its clients.

Mr Ahorlu Dzage further indicated that the initiative will be implemented across other health facilities with mental health units in the Volta Region.

The rehabilitated mental health clients were trained in mushroom production, footwear designing shito production.

It is expected that the training will provide the rehabilitated mental health clients of the hospital with viable economic engagements in order to prevent the reoccurrence of treated conditions.

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