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Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana backs malaria vaccine pilot


The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) has said some negative opinions about the malaria vaccine implementation programme is a source of concern.

The programme, initiated by the Health Ministry and the Ghana Health Service, has been hit by described by some as sinister.

These people claim that Ghanaians are going to used to test the new malaria vaccines.

But the Health Ministry has shot down that claim as false and unfounded.

The Ministry has said the trial stage of the vaccine has already been successfully completed, explaining that Ghana was only implementing a rollout in selected regions ahead of a national implementation process.

In a press statement, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana urged the general public to take advantage of the vaccination exercise and speak to their healthcare professionals when in doubt.

The Society said it has over the years followed the processes for developing the new malaria vaccine and the phases of Clinical Trials it has gone through culminating in the regulatory approval and eventual authorisation received for its rollout.

“Again, the PSGH would like to urge all Pharmacists especially those in the communities where this exercise is underway to appraise themselves of current information on the Mosquirix vaccine and look out for any side effects experienced by children receiving the malaria vaccines and in addition offer their support and advice appropriately.

“We further urge all Pharmacists and healthcare professionals to be on the lookout for possible adverse drug reactions and report accordingly to the FDA through its Pharmacovigilance program,” the statement said.

Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds and about 3,000 children every day.

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