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Police Cautions Civilians Against Negligence


A police Chief Superintendent at the Greater Accra Central Divisional Headquarters, Madam Gladys Langdon, has admonished the general public to be careful in their dealings with strangers in this dispensation of kidnappings and abductions.

Speaking at the 2019 Pilolo-Homowo festival in Accra, she urged civilians to be alert and take measures to protect themselves and others from being kidnapped.

She further gave some safety tips to prevent kidnappings in the country, adding that adherence to these will go a long way to lessen the number of such incidents in society.

The officer warned parents to take stringent measures to ensure that their wards stay away from strangers.

“Kids must be cautioned to avoid being stopped by strangers in vehicles who stop them and attempt involving them in conversations. Also be encouraged to move in groups when commuting to and from school”, she said.

She advised young girls, in particular, to be wary of the friends they make on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Madam Gladys further guided them to desist from establishing quick contacts with people in busses, accepting gifts from strangers and joining unknown WhatsApp groups.

She called on faith-based organizations to collaborate with parents in the protection of children.

“School authorities must put in place a system that properly registers visitors who drop off and pick up kids from school, and school bus drivers must refrain from dropping off students at bus stops instead of their correct destinations”, she added.

According to her, the populace should be very vigilant and mindful about ingestible products they consume into the body.

“Avoid accepting paper or plastic drinks from people you hardly know as kidnappers can add ingredients to easily get you weak for such an action”, she warned.

Madam Gladys asked passengers of Uber and taxis to be vigilant and avoid concentrating on their mobile phones whilst on their journey.


Story by Brenda Osei Karikari

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