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Police file injunction to stop Yvonne Nelson Dumsor Demo

To maintain order, the Ghana Police Service has issued an injunction at an Accra High Court, halting the much-anticipated #DumsorMustStop demonstration before it can take place.

This action was triggered after the Accra Region Police Command urged the organizers to relocate the protest and adjust its timing, which was originally set for Saturday, May 25, 2024

However, the police have submitted a new legal filing to the court on May 20, requesting the court to order the organizers to halt the event entirely.

“That I am finally advised and verily hold same to be true that this is just a cause for this Honourable Court to exercise its jurisdiction in the interest of public order, public safety, defence and effective policing to issue an order to prohibit or restrain the Respondents, their agents, assigns and any one claiming through them from holding the intended picketing or demonstration at the Revolution Square opposite the Jubilee House,” the writ stated.

During a meeting at the Regional Police Headquarters on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, discussions centered on the notification of the public protest and its potential impact on public order and safety.

The police voiced concerns about the proposed venue, Revolution Square, due to its proximity to Jubilee House, the seat of government and a designated security zone.

Citing potential risks to public defense, order, and safety, the command recommended relocating the protest to Independence Square.

Additionally, the Command raised concerns about the proposed midnight conclusion of the protest.

They warned that this timing could undermine security measures and heighten tensions, potentially resulting in violence. Consequently, they advised the protest organizers to adjust the end time accordingly.

The court will rule on the Police’s request on Friday, May 24 at 9 am.

This demonstration will be the second united rally of Ghanaians against erratic power supply. The first occurred in 2015, when a similar demonstration was held to protest the severe power crisis affecting the nation.

The 2015 demonstration was organized by several Ghanaian celebrities, including Yvonne Nelson, to highlight the negative impact of the power crisis on production and businesses, while also stalling national progress.

The demonstrators, numbering over 2,000, began their march from the Legon Overhead Bridge, progressing towards the Total Filling Station near the university.

However, the police urged the leaders to move the crowd further away from the filling station due to safety concerns, as some protestors were carrying lit ‘bobo’ lamps.

A ‘bobo’ is a local lamp crafted from empty cans filled with kerosene. It has a small tunnel at the top from which an absorbent twine protrudes, and this twine is lit to produce a flame.

The use of these lamps during the protest heightened the police’s concerns about potential fire hazards, prompting them to insist on relocating the demonstration to a safer distance from the filling station.

Despite these challenges, the protest succeeded in drawing significant attention to the ongoing power issues, reflecting the public’s frustration and demand for reliable electricity to support economic activities and national development.


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