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Police invite Shatta Wale …denies paying GHC4mil to build road


Ghanaian musician of global fame, Shatta Wale, has become a subject of police investigations after a complaint was logged that he led a gang to assault some road contractors asphalting a road at Adjiringanor in Accra last Monday.

The superstar, yesterday afternoon turned up in the company of his dad at the East Legon Police station where the complaint was filed to help in the investigations.

But after leaving the Police Station, Shatta Wale released an amateur video of himself apologizing to the road contractors for the incident  and denying media reports that he had paid the said construction company an amount of GHC4 million to construct the road.


Shatta in the apology video said “to all the bloggers that are saying I have given some contractor GHC4 Million, I believe you guys should really stop circulating false news.

“I have not given no body GHC4 million and I just want us to live in peace and in harmony. Anybody that I have hurt, I just want to say I am sorry. Thank you very much”, the musician was heard saying in the video.

He started the recording with an apology: “I believe that some news circulating around that I was having a fight with some contractors. The man in question is my dad and he is someone that I have always wanted to meet but it is so unfortunate things had to happen this way.

“I also want to say sorry to Kennedy for everything that happened. I believe he would always find a place in his heart to forgive me. This is Ghana and we are one people and this is how we need to live. Anything that has happened, I believe God takes care of the rest.”


The engineer on site, Kennedy Acquah, in the employ of Oswal T Construction, explained that they were working when Shatta Wale approached them requesting why a section of the road had been blocked and his request that the road should be extended to reach the front of his office had not been heeded.

He said he explained to the superstar that the blockade was only a temporal inconvenience for a few hours and that an alternative route had been arranged for motorists moreover it does not lie in the bosom of the musician to dictate where he wanted the road to be extended to reach.

Kennedy said Shatta then got furious and went on a rampage together with some people he had stormed the site with:

“Everyone was scared, and as the engineer on sight, I asked them to move the machine, continue the work and disregard what he was saying. Once I said that he came at me, verbally assaulting me. He verbally assaulted me and walked off.”

Kennedy and the assaulted workers lodged a complaint and were given medical forms to seek treatment


Speaking to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM yesterday, Shatta Wale denied he got physical at the site.

“My boys went to tell them to stop the work because I had wanted to see the contractor. None of my boys touched anybody. I have a video when the contractor finally came to meet me for talks with my motor guys. I did nothing wrong. I was just trying to help the government; there wasn’t any violent thing we created there, that’s my area, the work is creating serious decongestion to my house so I went to stop them from working so they let me speak to the contractor to enable two of us have a better agreement.

“I didn’t pay any contractor. If some of workers proved stubborn, and they were pushed by my boys, it wasn’t me because I never asked anyone to beat the workers. Let’s stop this negativity – no one was assaulted as it has been reported in the media.”

Shatta noted further: “You see Shatta Wale, I will continue to be Ghana’s Satan because I do good things, they won’t talk about it – they are concern about the negative news. Let’s continue, Ghana we dey. No one beat anybody. Myself I have videos I was snapping with my phone. I’m ready to even make it available as evidence at the police station. I’m also waiting for them to come and complete my road because that was the agreement.

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