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Poor Drainage System At Panama – A SUBURB OF ACCRA


Poor Drainage System At Panama – A SUBURB OF ACCRA

Poor sanitation has been the bane of this country. Our markets, lorry stations and our immediate surroundings are almost on daily basis littered with refuse and loads of garbage.

The situation, however, becomes worse particularly in the rainy season where some recalcitrant citizens have made it their penchant to throw their refuse into drains and gutters – – such bad PRACTISE.

The result of which is the choking of our drains, which leads to outbreak of cholera. Its been said time without number that the practice of good sanitation is a shared responsibility, and we at totally agree with that school of thought.

Indeed it’s about time we moved away from the notion that keeping our cities and communities clean is the sole responsibility of the government. That is what has accounted for people littering indiscriminately in public spaces with the knowledge that our city authorities will clean such places.

The fact of the matter is that we all have a role to play in ensuring that our country is clean, bearing in mind that a healthy population brings about an increase in productivity.

When one walks down the vicinities of Panaman, you are overwhelmed by all of the trash that litters the area.. Trash and waste are everywhere. Kokomlemle is one of the known neighborhoods in Ghana’s capital,Accra and yet there is garbage all over.

Drainage is a system by which water or other liquids are drained from a place. Panaman is a Muslim community in the neighborhoods of kokomlemle and they complain of poor drainage systems. Speaking to some residents, they said inadequate facilities such as public toilets, waste bins and lack of public awareness as well as proper education on how to use the drainage system comes as a result of that.

The president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo stays just some miles away from the vicinity and yet, the community is still facing mayhem. This makes me ask myself that, who are the sole people in charge of our drainage systems? Are the authorities aware of the danger of the drainage system? Must someone die as a result before the voices of the people can be heard.

Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Let’s all, come together and maintain our drainage system.

And to the Ministry in charge of Sanitation, I’m pleading which seeking to charge them to work with the sense of urgency to ensure that our public spaces are rid of refuse not leaving out our choked gutters and drains.

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