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Pranking A Gay Debate


The supposed debate on the subject of homosexual rights in Ghana is a rather interesting one that has the trappings of cowardice and hypocrisy.

In the first place, it is ridiculous to call for a Ghana where persons of same sex would have legal rights to marry. There has not been a research to show that in the very unlikely event such a right is allowed, homosexuals in Ghana would even want to walk to the aisle in a solemnization of (un)holy matrimony before any altar.

It is a reality that Ghana has a huge homosexual community that operate behind closed doors and the bitter truth is that no one has really bothered to stop them, not even our Law makers in Parliament.

Apart from nuptial rights, THE PUBLISHER really sees no difference between the laws governing homosexuals, heterosexuals or bisexuals in Ghana.

If two adults of same sex are caught having sex in public, they would be charged with indecent exposure just as two adults of opposite sex would be charged if they are caught bonking in public.

It two homosexuals have consensual sex in private but one happens to be a minor and the issue becomes public, the adult would be charged with either sodomy or defilement. It is the same charge of defilement that would be slapped on an adult caught having consensual sex with an under aged partner of the opposite sex.

If two adult women of same sex walk to a police station and say write a statement that they have been having consensual lesbian sex in private, truth is there is no law to incriminate them in anyway.

Therefore, it is basically much ado about nothing when we create an impression Ghana has some draconian laws against homosexuality.

At worst, Ghana has some feeble and ambiguous law against unnatural canal knowledge which is interpreted to mean any form of sexual penetration of an adult penis into any place apart from an adult vagina.

This clearly means unnatural canal knowledge is not targeted at homosexuals engaged in anal sex per say, but also targets married couples of opposite the sex, that engages in anal sex, oral sex, or any form of sex that has the penis entering anywhere else apart from the vagina.

Members of the clergy, recently called on Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament Prof Mike Oquaye, a pastor himself, and one of the topics disused was homosexuality in Ghana.

No one has really called for that the right for gays to marry in Ghana. The open antagonism and aggression against persons suspected to be homosexuals is what human right activists have condemned so far.

If Mr. Speaker and our Parliament is really committed to the so-called anti-homosexual campaign, why have they not boldly enacted laws to CRIMINALISE homosexuality as has been done in other countries.

THE PUBLISHER is becoming fed up with these feeble grumblings from persons who actually have the power to decide whether or not the act should be tolerated or considered a crime. Can we for once, take a decision and pipe down on the talk?

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