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Pride Killing GH Musicians – Kay Wusu


ALTHOUGH the music industry seems to be doing better than some of the other arms of the creative arts sector, the reality says Highlife artiste, Kay Wusu is that it is only a few artistes (the well established ones or those whose songs are popular now) who are raking in the big bucks with the rest struggling to get by.

He goes on to say while stakeholders try to find ways to eliminate the challenges that the musicians face, some are trying to find other ways to survive but for him, many musicians are not well off financially because they are too proud to do other jobs.

According to the “Asore” Hitmaker, a lot of musicians feel too big to take up other ventures because of the fame they enjoy. For him, in spite of his status, he is willing to do any business that will help him put food on the table for his family.

“I currently do other businesses in my house and take it out for distribution. How many of our musicians or actors can do that.

“ Most of them feel so big to do any work apart from what they are known for but hey, if I need to do any other thing for survival or to put food on the table, I have no problem at all,” he said in an interview.

Kay Wusu said he is not too sympathetic of poor musicians because he believes their situation is their own doing because they have not used fame to their advantage.

He further revealed that, he has prepared a new banger for his fans to celebrate the 2019 Valentine’s days and subsequent ones.

According to him, his new song “Mehw3” is a blend for lovers to celebrate the beautiful thing called Love.

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