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Private Shows More Lucrative-Okyeame Kwame


For an artiste who thrives in the public eye, Okyeame Kwame has maintained quite a low profile in the second half of this year.

He hasn’t released any new material, nor has he given any performances and with the Christmas festivities being one of the biggest money making periods for our musicians, it is surprising that he is not on the bill for many of the major concerts that will take place over the period.

However, there is no cause for worry as the celebrated musician, who is also very business savvy, has found a way of raking in the money—through private shows, which he says are much more lucrative.

“Although Okyeame Kwame has been off the public radar, he has been very busy performing at the private shows. Of course such shows are lucrative because the people who request his services are wealthy people, they have the purchasing power and can pay more.

“That group also enjoys his music a lot so it’s a win either ways for him,” his manager, Annica Nsiah Apau told Showbiz in an interview on Monday.

“He has always given private performances alongside the public shows but our current strategic direction has seen him focusing more on the former. So now he would be doing a lot of private shows and selected public appearances,” she added.

Apart from it being lucrative, there isn’t too much hassle with private shows. “For instance, a show like the Versatile Show is very expensive to organise because of the scale on which it is done. However, this year Okyeame Kwame put it together on a much smaller scale for a select group of people in the United States”, she added.

It’s not only music that has kept the Rap Dacta busy. He has been travelling around the world exploring business opportunities and spreading awareness on his Hepatitis B eradication campaign.

Last year, he was honoured with a Key to the city of Cincinnati in the US. According to his manager, that key conferred a responsibility on him to help with Hepatitis eradication and together with the Black Nurses Association of Cincinnati, he has been to a number of African countries to create awareness.

His travels have also seen him go all the way to Japan and South Korea and he has been making use of his Masters Degree in Marketing Strategy consulting for some corporate bodies.

Annica tells Showbiz because they anticipated how busy Okyeame Kwame’s schedule will be in the second half of the year and did not want him to spread himself thin, the strategy was to do all things music before he focused on all the other interests.

2018 is also expected to go much the same way this year has been. He will drop two singles in January and February. As a Cocoa ambassador, Okyeame Kwame will also do something in relation to that.

From March to July, he would be busy travelling on Hepatitis B eradication projects and then will be in South Korea as well.

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