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Psychiatric Nurses Demand Removal of Medical Director

A group calling itself Psychiatric Nurses Group (PNG) Ankaful branch has petitioned the health Minister, Hon. Kweku Agyeman Manu through the mental health authority to remove the Hospital Director, Dr. Eugene Dordoye citing issues of poor relationship and disrespect to staff.

In the three-page petition, the concerned staff claim that the hospital director embarrasses leadership of the nursing administration in the presence of trainee nurses, patients and relatives.

They further accused Mr. Dordoye of purchasing three 32 LG television at a cost of GHC 20, 880 with each costing GHC5,220 and also allowing his wife to use the hospital Nissan Navara Pick-Up to run her private catering services.

According to the group, Mr. Dordoye has also taken over virtually every unit preventing division of labour and distributes government bungalow to his favourites without consulting the estate manager.

On promotion, the group noted that, the director was on record to have said on many platforms that he will not upgrade staff who offered sandwich programmes and have BSc certificates in Nursing but will only promote staff due for promotion by using his own criteria.

Meanwhile, a fact finding committee has been set up by the mental health authority to investigate the allegations that are contained in the petition.

Health director of the Hospital, Mr. Dordoye has failed to comment on the issues awaiting the findings of the committee.

Source: Starrfmonline

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