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Public Cautioned On Fire Usage During Harmattan


The public has been cautioned to be extra cautious when using fire for any purpose, because of the current distinctive dryness.

Mr. Tettey Portuphy, Head of the forecasting session of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview, that because of the extreme dry conditions that characterised the harmattan or dry season, fires could easily get started by the least cause.

He said all kinds of exposed fires such as lit candles, mosquito coils, the burning of rubbish, had to either be avoided or done with great care, bearing in mind the fact that with the least distraction, fire could easily evolve.

Mr. Portuphy also cautioned both drivers and pedestrians to be careful, since the hazy weather conditions greatly reduce visibility as well.

He said it was important to reduce speed during such period, since poor visibility at night and dawn could easily cause one to wrongly judge distances, resulting in accidents.

Mr. Portuphy said there were particles in the air, which could easily contaminate uncovered foods and urged food sellers to always cover their food with the appropriate materials.

The senior meteorologist urged the public, especially those with respiratory problems to put on protective clothing during peak periods of cold such as dawn and at night, to avoid infections.

He said whilst the harmattan season was expected to last until February in the coastal part of the country, it was expected to last till March in the Northern part of the country.

Mr Portuphy said few showers were only expected from February onwards along the coastal areas of the country and parts of the forest region.

The country is currently experiencing the harmattan or dry season, which is characterised by extreme atmospheric dryness, poor visibility especially in the early mornings and at night because of a hazy atmosphere.

Source: GNA

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