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Rains: Be Cholera Alert – GHS


Ghanaians must be cautious with whatever they eat and drink during the rainy season in order to avoid contracting diarrhoeal diseases like cholera, Dr Emmanuel Dotsi, a Senior Public Health Specialist at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has said.

He also urged people to keep their surroundings clean in order to reduce the number of cholera cases that may be recorded this year.

His comments come on the heels of a warning by Reverend Dr Stephen Nyakotey-Kwaw, an Aviation Meteorologist Inspector for Ghana, that there will be heavy rains along the coastal belt in Ghana this year.

Dr Nyakotey-Kwaw explained that the rains will occur between April and June. He has, accordingly, asked Ghanaians to put in adequate measures to prepare for the rains.

He also revealed that the middle belt of the country will experience some slight weather changes.

Rev. Dr Nyakotey-Kwaw told Chief Jerry Forson on Ghana Yensom on Wednesday, 11 April that “this year there is going to be heavy downpour along the coastal belt and so we must all prepare.”

He also cautioned that “it can be very dangerous to walk about when it is about to rain.”

Speaking on the same show, Dr Dotsi said: “Mostly during the rainy season, because of the insanitary nature of our communities, diarrhoeal diseases, especially cholera, is likely to occur.

“So, the idea is that, once we know that there are so many insanitary conditions that are prevailing, we need to ensure that we improve on our sanitation. This is the only way we can prevent the occurrence of diarrhoeal diseases like cholera.

“For us to be able to protect ourselves, it starts with the individual. Individual protection against diarrhoeal diseases like cholera is important, so, the idea is that as a person, you need to make sure that whatever you drink, whatever you eat, does not get contaminated with any germ.”

Source: ClassFMonline

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