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Rare ‘golden’ zebra foal spotted in Kenya reserve


A rare zebra foal has been sighted in Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve, weeks after a polka dotted zebra was spotted in the same park.

The golden-coloured baby zebra was spotted on Wednesday by John Manie Kipas, a tour guide in the reserve who gave it his second name, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.

He said he saw the foal while taking tourists on a game drive:

“I was the first who spotted the little baby zebra, and I have given it my second name ‘Manie’,” he is quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“It was a normal morning game drive and that is when we spotted the rare-coloured foal. At some point, I could not believe my eyes. I clicked my camera and got some pictures of it. It looks more like a donkey than a zebra.”


Source: BBC

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