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Removing Ankaful Director Will Set Bad Precedent – Gov’t


The Ministry of Health says it will not remove the embattled Medical Director of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Eugene Dordoye.

Despite the growing demand for his removal by the staff, the Ministry says removing him would serve as a bad precedent.

The Nurses at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region, have laid down their tools, in an attempt to compel the government to remove the Director who they accused of maladministration and showing gross disrespect to subordinates.

Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health, Robert Cudjoe, indicated to Citi News that the committee set up to deliberate on the impasse had asked the aggrieved nurses to be patient with their director.

Dr. Dordoye has already in a four-page letter, apologized to the staff, and he admitted that the approach he used in attempting to implement his reforms may have angered the staff.

“What is happening is that, we asked the staff to bear with the director for a while and see what happens with what they have leveled against him. He could probably change the style of his administration,” Mr. Cudjoe said.

Besides this, he added that “I don’t think if we go on that tangent, it will help anybody because it may set a precedent which will not help this nation at all. If staff get up and start agitating that they want a director [sacked] and a Minister goes by that decision and takes him away, it is going to set a precedent for others to follow suit.”

“So we are waiting to see within the next few months if he changes and if not, the appropriate action will be leveled against him or something… three to six months should be okay for him to change for the better,” Mr. Cudjoe said.

On the way forward for the strike, a representative of the nurses declined further comment when Citi News contacted him.

The staff, however said there is a meeting scheduled for today  [Tuesday], to further deliberate on issues.

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