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Restructure Ghana’s Educational System -Prof Addo

A development architect, Professor Kwame Addo has stressed on the need to restructure Ghana’s educational system to appreciate the potential of individuals in the arts discipline.

He said that once the educational system is reviewed to focus more on identifying and developing talents, students will be able to utilise their potential to the fullest capacity.

“Everything begins with formation and that is why you have to be encouraged to show an interest. Everything begins with a concept and idea. That is the fundamental of arts. In educational systems in Ghana or the US there are differences, but there are points where they come together”, he said.

Professor Addo added that “at the beginning stages, your formative times are the most impacting levels and if you are able to recognize them, they are given the appropriate direction and encouragement”

He stated in an interview on Starr Morning Show, that the current teaching and learning approach is what impedes the growth of individuals born with natural talents.

The Creative Development Specialist explained further how the US educational system is flexible.

“The US educational system enables you to interact wider and have basis to select and you are given the opportunity to take it or not,” and “We should also put into play the talent,” he said.

Source: thePublisher

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